Happy Pay Day Ladies!

Today, 4th March 2020 is considered to be Women’s Pay Day in the UK.  Today is the date on which female employees start getting paid compared to their male counterparts, indicating that women work 63 days for free.

In Ireland research shows that women are generally paid 16% less than their male colleagues.  We are working our way through the research and know that there are many reasons for the gender pay gap.  We will be looking at this further in an upcoming blog this month, but it does still demonstrate underlying discrimination that is holding women back and that equality still has a bit to go.

Equal work for equal pay is still not a reality despite pay transparency measures.  At Under The Rainbow we know the psychological value of equality, diversity and inclusion.  We promote the empowerment of women and with two thirds of our board being women we are strong advocates for women in leadership.

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See The Guardians article here on Women’s Pay Day 2020: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/04/women-work-for-free-for-two-months-a-year-says-tuc-analysis

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