Be Who You Are Supposed To Be

I recently found a letter I had written to myself when I was 12.  It was intended to be opened on my 21st birthday but I was nearer 40 when I discovered it!

In my letter I wrote that my favourite things were nature, reading, writing, poetry and meditation.  I saw my grandparents as the pillars of the community of family and my parents as hardworking, driven and inspiring.  I wrote that when I grew up I wanted to be a psychologist or counsellor who also taught people about happiness.  I could have written that same letter today!  Somehow at 12 I seemed insightful, clearheaded and knew who I was.

However life happened and I ended up working in financial services and climbed the corporate ladder studying credit and risk, management and lending.  I was good at my job but also found myself looking for a new challenge every couple of years.  Asset Finance was a difficult place to be during the recession and the redundancies happened.

I used the redundancy money to study Counselling and Psychotherapy and absolutely loved it.  I loved all of the different theories, psychology, human behaviour, personal development and the connection that the work brought.  I furthered my studies with appetite and still continue to learn all that I can in these areas.

I was still working in financial services by day, as a counsellor by evening and studying at the weekend.  It took a while before I felt confident enough to make the transition but I said goodbye to an industry I had worked in for over 21 years and went full time as a psychotherapist.

Due to my background I was invited to give several talks on stress, communication skills, the psychology of happiness, workplace wellbeing and I realised I needed a team for this kind of work.  I was able to talk about wellness from a psychological perspective as well as economic.  Employees are twice as likely to be engaged in their work if they feel mentally fit and included.  Under The Rainbow was born in response to the demand for this kind of service and we are only getting started.  I work with colleagues who I respect, trust, admire and who motivate me.  I work with clients who genuinely are interested in development and self-care.  It is true what they say, if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life!

I found myself wondering what my inner 12 year old would think of me now, running a therapy centre and a training company.  I feel she wouldn’t be surprised!  She loved me before life happened and wanted the best for me.  I am on the path I was probably always on, collecting skills and stories along the way but now it feels like I have arrived.  Under The Rainbow is all about embracing your true self, not because that sounds good but because it is what each of our team have found themselves doing.

Be who you are supposed to be.  It may sound scary but once you step into that knowing, that authenticity you connect with the true self.  I appreciate that this is easier said than done so perhaps just start by sitting down with a notepad and pen and writing a letter to yourself.

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