Dermot RunningI remember when I was getting back into the workforce after a long time being unemployed. I found it quite difficult. My confidence was not great, and I felt I would not be able to complete the six-month probation period. I felt I would be fired. Unemployment can be a difficult period in anyone’s life. Being constantly knock back by interview after interview can erode the strongest self-worth.

I had been unemployed for over a year, I was slowly winning the battle against depression. I was on the road to recovery ; I had finally got a financial position after such a long period out of work. The working environment was a difference place though. Perhaps the recent recession had caused many to fear losing their jobs. I noticed upon my return that the level of anxiety among my colleagues was high. I too had a high level of anxiety. So, I needed a resource to relieve me of such stress. That resource was running.

I had recently joined my athletic club Dublin Frontrunners. They meet three times for a run during the week. I, particularly, enjoyed the Saturday run in Phoenix Park. I found this an asset in my fight to regain the person I was before unemployment. The people in the club were friendly, and the routes were a delight to run. I found after a stressful week in work running recharged my batteries. As the weeks and months went by, my self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth returned. I became more confident in my financial role. I joined the running club in work. I became an active member in the LGBT+ Committee that the company offered its employees to join. In 2018, I became Chair of Dublin Frontrunners. A year I gained so much experience from. I am particularly proud of the successful Pride Run 2018, a run that raised over 10k for charities.
I am still running and still a member of Dublin Frontrunners. I now have left the corporate environment. I am enjoying my new career as a therapist and being CFO of Under The Rainbow. I find running now a vital part of my self-care. I find that after a run or indeed a swim I am ready for the day ahead. I feel I am totally present with my clients. I can give each client the attention they deserve.

I pass my knowledge on of self-care to my clients. I encourage them to find their self-care techniques be it running , swimming or writing. Running was my savour, a gift and tool that I was totally unaware I had. Clients come to be in times of stress. They are totally unaware of their gifts and self-care tools that they possess. Together, we work to process the trauma that life has thrown at them. Upon this journey together, they discover their resilience and their own self-care tools. A self-care toolbox that they can use during difficult times. Upon their discovery of their resilience and as they begin to regain their self-worth and belief. They begin to grow in confidence, and it is a pleasure as their therapist to see this growth happen before my eyes.

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